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RUSH: Liberals Blame Me As They Circle The Wagons Around Stephen Colbert

Published on March 31, 2014 By Dyno Rush

Tweet RUSH: Are you aware — people may not even know — the “conservative” TV host Stephen Colbert — (Interruption)  What?  Oh, it’s Colbert?  Oh.  Okay.  Stephen Colbert.  He’s a liberal but his shtick is a pompous, arrogant, know-nothing conservative.  That’s the shtick.  Anyway, he tweeted out something last week that has ended up being [...]

LIMBAUGH: Matt Drudge Is Abiding By The Law

Published on March 24, 2014 By Dyno Rush

Tweet RUSH: The individual mandate went into effect Jan. 1 of this year, and most people paying their taxes right now are paying taxes for 2013. ‘Dude, there’s no penalty until next yr,’ Sahil Kapur of the leftwing Talking Points Memo tweeted.  Kapur’s colleague at TPM Dylan Scott wrote a full story with a headline [...]

Twitterers Are Sickened By Jay Carney’s ‘Benghazi Happened a Long Time Ago’ Remark

Published on May 1, 2013 By Dyno Rush

Tweet This Via Twitchy: Odd…George W Bush’s Presidency was a long time ago also and yet Carney & Obama can’t stop talking about that #Benghazi — S.M (@redsteeze) May 1, 2013   To read many more tweets head over to Twitchy

Mark Levin Scorches ‘Pathetic’ Ron Paul Over Chris Kyle Tweet

Published on February 4, 2013 By Dyno Rush

Tweet Find More Of ‘The Great One’ @ MarkLevinShow.com

NC Realtor, Leigh Brown, Smacks Down #StopRush Bullies: ‘I Will Advertise Wherever I Damn Well Please’

Published on December 1, 2012 By Dyno Rush

TweetThis Via Twitchy:   I will advertise wherever I damn well please. You trolls don’t like it, don’t listen. #tcot #IAmTheFreeMarket — leighbrownremax (@leighbrownremax) November 27, 2012 Leigh Brown is a Charlotte, N.C., area RE/MAX franchisee who calls herself the “no BS realtor,” and she more than lives up to that tagline on Twitter. This week, Brown [...]

Twitter Lib Identified As A Flag-Spam Ringleader Also Spearheading A Stop Rush Limbaugh Effort

Published on April 30, 2012 By Dyno Rush

TweetTHANK YOU. YOU GUYS. All of you. I am amazed, thankful, and humbled at the mobilization. You did this. #freeChrisLoesch @ChrisLoesch — Dana Loesch (@DLoesch) April 30, 2012   This Via Twitchy: As our late-night-owl readers know, after Twitter reinstated conservative activist Chris Loesch’s account in the wee hours of Sunday night/Monday morning, the progressive [...]

Martha MacCallum Stands By Rush On Fluke WH Coordination On Student Loans Issue

Published on April 25, 2012 By Dyno Rush

Tweet Via Martha MacCallum Fox News: WH ‘coordinating’ with Sandra Fluke on student loan issue? Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com Related Post: Limbaugh: Sandra Fluke Coordinating With Obama WH In Scaring Students On Rising Interest On Student Loans

Limbaugh: Sandra Fluke Coordinating With Obama WH In Scaring Students On Rising Interest On Student Loans

Published on April 24, 2012 By Dyno Rush

Tweet UPDATE: Extended Segment On Fluke Tweet