Shell-Shock! RUSH: GOP Afraid Of Being Blamed Again For The Government Shutdown

RUSH: I had a number of e-mails from people who thought that I dropped the ball yesterday because I didn’t mention the upcoming budget deal.  People thought… The Stick-to-the-Issues Crowd thought that I had dropped the ball. I was spending too much time on jocularity and frivolous, fun things, when the Republicans were about to give away the bank in budget negotiations with Patty Murray and the Democrats. 

I didn’t drop the ball; I just didn’t discuss it for a very simple reason: There’s nothing I could have done. There’s nothing I could have said on the radio yesterday. There’s no interview I could’ve conducted that was going to change what happened.  There is a simple fact, folks.  The Republicans in Congress — and I would say that this is probably true of the Republicans in Washington.  They are suffering shell shock. 

They are not moved at all by Obama’s plummeting poll numbers.  They are not moved at all by the problems people are having with Obamacare.  They are in shell shock.  I’ve described it as posttraumatic stress disorder.  Whatever, they are literally afraid of one thing, and that is being blamed again for the government shutdown. That was the objective, to make sure there wasn’t a government shutdown, and it didn’t matter what was required.

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