RUSH: Zimmerman Case ‘Made To Order’ For Way Democrat Party Sees This Country

RUSH: He has repeatedly said he didn’t have any witnesses, he didn’t have enough evidence to charge anything, certainly not murder, which was what they wanted from the get-go. They wanted a murder charge, and they’re not gonna rest until this guy’s in jail or ruined one way or the other.  You cannot have a case like this, so soon after the Duke lacrosse case, which turned out to be entirely bogus, this thing happens, and it’s made to order.  The way the Democrat Party sees this country is exactly what they want people to believe happened here, that an innocent young black was set upon because he was black and killed because he was black. 

They’re invested in that outcome, and whatever they have to do to get it is what is happening here.  And if they can’t get that then they’ll go for whatever they can get a conviction on because that’s just their worldview of the country.  It’s a shame.  It is.  Look, I’m glad you called. I’m glad you’re out there 20 years. Give me another 20, and we’ll tackle what’s in your blood there. 

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