RUSH: Why Didn’t Obama Tell Congress How Wonderful ObamaCare Is?

RUSH: Again this morning, the esteemed leader, Barack Obama, went out to some community college in the Washington area, somewhere in Maryland to sell Obamacare.  He went out there to tout the glories of Obamacare.  Now, why?  When Ted Cruz gets up, makes a speech about it, everybody says, “Come on, Ted, sit down. It’s the law of the land.”  Well, what’s Obama doing?  It’s the law of the land.  Why is Obama out touting this?  But I have an even better question, ladies and gentlemen, and it’s this.

 Why didn’t Obama tell Congress a couple of weeks ago what a wonderful thing Obamacare is?  He’s out there touting it to this audience in Maryland, and he’s gonna be on the campaign trail a lot selling Obamacare, talking about how wonderful it is, how rotten and dastardly the Republicans are for trying to stop it and defund it.  But he’s basically out telling everybody how wonderful it is.  Well, the question is, why didn’t he go to Congress a couple weeks ago and tell them how wonderful it is instead of giving them a taxpayer subsidy for 75% of their premiums?

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