RUSH: Trump Tweets Because ‘He Loves Wrapping The Drive-Bys Around His Little Finger’

RUSH: How many times a day do you encounter stories or people on TV asking, theorizing, “Why does Trump do this? Why does Trump tweet so much? Why can’t Trump stop? These tweets, gotta be the end of him. Somebody needs to tell Trump he needs to stop tweeting.”

How many of you have an idea why he does it? I’ll tell you what it isn’t. A lot of people think Trump does it because it’s the only way he can get his side of the news out there. That’s not why he does this. That’s not why he tweets multiple times a day. I mean, it’s a result. He does get his side of the news out there. He does combat the narratives that the Drive-Bys report.

But that’s not technically why he does it. There are actually many reasons why he does it. But the first and foremost reason why he does it is because he loves toying with these people. He loves wrapping the Drive-Bys around his little finger. He loves tweaking ’em, just like I do.

I love getting close to the line of saying things that I know are gonna upset ’em and send ’em into all kinds of convulsions just for the fun of doing it, and that is a large part of why Trump does this, just to create the reaction that he gets. From Kirsten Gillibrand, the reaction tweet: “You cannot silence me or the millions of women who have gotten off the sidelines to speak out about the unfitness and shame you have brought to the Oval Office.” So Trump reads the reaction and says, “Bingo. Success. They’re reacting to me.”

You know what a bad day for Trump is? When his name’s not in the paper, when people aren’t talking about him, when he hasn’t irritated somebody. If two days where Trump hasn’t irritated somebody go by, he’s gonna fix it. And they can’t… They’re used to presidents and very powerful political people not acting this way. “This is… This is… This is not decent! You’re not supposed to share what you think. You’re not supposed to provoke your opponent this way. You’re not supposed to laugh at them, make fun of them.

“You’re not supposed to do this. This is so unseemly. It’s unpresidential.” They can’t stand it, and they can’t stand that Trump loves it, and they can’t stand that Trump gets pleasure from it. And they can’t stand that Trump’s supporters love it and want more of it. They keep feeding him. Against their best interests, they keep feeding the guy. They’re in such perpetual outrage that they have lost focus. Just like this Russia thing. They are so immersed in it, they think it really happened. They do!

I’m convinced that they really do think it happened. It’s not that they’re knowingly trying to prove what they know is not true. They think it did, they’re so immersed in it. And likewise they think Trump is just such a low-rent scuz bucket that they don’t take the time to analyze how he’s toying with them. They haven’t the ability to see themselves as Wile E. Coyote. They see themselves as some great enforcer that’s gonna get rid of the people they don’t like. But of course that’s not working out for them, either.


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