RUSH: There Was No Way Gov. Brewer Was Not Going To Veto This Bill

RUSH:  Now, let me just reiterate: There was no way Governor Brewer was not going to veto this bill.  So I’m not spending time on this trying to beat her up after the fact.  There was only one possible outcome here.  There was only one.  This state has been beaten up by Obama. It’s been beat up by every civil rights activist you can think of.  They’ve been totally cowed.  I think it’s amazing they got this far, frankly, in getting the legislation they had passed. 

But I want to go back to Rich Lowry’s piece because and then a couple of audio sound bites from Bill Donohue from the Catholic League, who had to try to explain — to Chris Cuomo today on CNN — what this was really all about.  “In USA Today, the influential liberal pundit Kirsten Powers posited that the bill would enable all-out civil conflict, with Muslim pharmacists possibly refusing to give uncovered women antibiotics,” meaning women not wearing the burqa, for those of you in Rio Linda. 

They think “uncovered” means something else there.  “Christian pacifists refusing to let Army sergeants stay in their hotels, and Christian restaurateurs who oppose judging gays refusing to serve overly judgmental Christians.” All of this was thrown out as, “Oh, my God, if she signs this bill, Katie, bar the door! We’re gonna have people being denied services and products just everywhere. Because don’t you know, this is just the most discriminatory, bigoted country ever!

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HILARIOUS! RUSH: There’s No Question Jan Brewer Is Being Bullied

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