RUSH: There Aren’t That Many Kids Staying On Their Parents Policies

RUSH: Here’s the pull quote.  And look, this gets into the weeds here. It’s a little deep, of analyzing — the whole story does.  But here’s the upshot of this story.  “What HHS did amounts to little more than a ‘back of the envelope’ calculation. To really get at how many young adults are newly covered under their parents’ policies would require surveys asking very detailed questions about the source of insurance. It would probably also require more sophisticated statistical analysis that could estimate the impact of the slacker mandate while controlling for other factors such as the economy and Medicaid enrollment. As it stands, all we have is an estimate of the number of young adults who gained coverage via their parents that is unreliable — far too unreliable for major newspapers to be repeating it.”

And the Health and Human Services has not updated their figures in nearly two years, and the reason is the program is losing its effectiveness and the numbers are declining.  There aren’t that many kids staying on their parents’ policies.  It’s something that’s not being utilized.  There’s no way of determining it.  There just isn’t enough statistical analysis and data for people to figure out how widespread the benefit is, and the best that they’ve been able to come up with here is, despite what Obama and the LA Times and the media is saying, there are 3.1 million young adults who have not received coverage via their parents’ insurance.

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