RUSH: ‘The Five’ On Fox Takes Offense At My Criticism Of Media Coverage Of Missing Plane

UPDATE: Listen To Extended Segment below:

RUSH: We have to first start with The Five on Fox taking issue — actually, taking offense — at my criticism of the media coverage of the airplane. They talked about this program and my criticism of the media, and to set it up they played this clip of me from a show earlier this week.

RUSH ARCHIVE: I can’t handle the media on this. I literally cannot. We’ve got anchors and anchorettes who don’t know beans about even why an airplane flies. They couldn’t explain the concept of air pressure differential or lift to you if their jobs depended on it. They go get guests, and nobody knows what happened here, so you got a bunch of people on TV who just want face time.

RUSH: Okay, so that set ’em off. The people at The Five are good buddies you know we love the people at The Five here, but they didn’t like that. They did not appreciate that. They claim they have an obligation to give people information. Fine and dandy. The only problem is, from my viewpoint, there isn’t any information. If there were information, there wouldn’t be all this coverage. That’s sort of the irony here.

The fact that there is no information is why we’re getting all this coverage. If there were some information — some rock-solid, factual information — then the coverage would reduce dramatically, and it would stay focused on that. Then it would build off of that. Right now everything’s wide open, ’cause nobody knows anything. So my take, anyway, is they’re not reporting information other than what’s been known within the first 24 hours. Nothing new since then, really. Factually. Here’s how it sounded on The Five on Fox as they shamelessly, shamelessly targeted me.

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