RUSH: The Democrats Are ‘TERRIFIED’

RUSH:  And here we go from  “President Obama’s relationship with congressional Democrats has worsened to an unprecedented low, Democratic aides say. They are letting it be known that House and Senate Democrats are increasingly frustrated, bitter and angry with the White House over ObamaCare’s botched rollout, and that the president’s mea culpa in a news conference last week failed to soothe any ill will. … One congressional chief of staff said, ‘This is so screwed up.  This either gets fixed or this could be the demise of the Democratic Party.'”

Now, folks, this is what I mean.  I know you’re sitting there thinking, “Come on, Rush, it isn’t gonna be the demise of the Democrat Party.  They have the media, and Obama’s not running for reelection, and he’s not gonna back off.  He’s gonna still force all this stuff down our throats.”  True.  The point is the Democrats are terrified. You gotta understand where they come from.  They never tell people the truth, other than in safe states or districts.  I mean, the number of times that a Democrat will run like Elizabeth Warren did, you can count ’em on one hand.  Most Democrats run like Obama: centrist, slightly right wing on certain things, talking about the private sector and hard work and all that.

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