RUSH: Republicans Should Take Selfies During SOTU

RUSH: I have a suggestion for Republicans tonight.  I know it’ll never happen, but you know what I would love to see?  I would love to see two things.  This will never happen.  I’d love to see John Boehner show up in a white lab coat sitting behind Obama as a doctor that has lost his practice.  Do you know Tom Coburn, senator, Oklahoma, has lost his doctor?  He’s a senator.  He’s lost his doctor.  Now, he’s got cancer, and obviously he’s a senator so he’s gonna get a replacement doctor and be treated, but even he lost his doctor. 

So we know that Boehner will never show up wearing a white lab coat.  Nobody has a sense of humor.  Too much prestige and tradition here.  I understand that.  However, wouldn’t it be great if now and then — you know, the camera will pan and show the audience, members of the House and the Senate, watching the State of the Union.  Wouldn’t it be great, and a very timely gesture that Republicans could make tonight, would be to demonstrate support of Obama the way Obama demonstrated support for Nelson Mandela at the week-long memorial service. 

I think what the male Republicans ought to do is find an attractive woman, not his wife, and put his arm around her and start taking some selfies while Obama is delivering the State of the Coup address.  Would that not be hilarious?  Would that not be eye catching?  I had some really brilliant ideas yesterday for the White House Correspondents Dinner, and I’m just adding to it today.  We know it’ll never happen because the Republicans, they would never do it.  But Obama did do it.

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