RUSH: Refugees End Up In ‘American Hammock’

RUSH: What is one of the things that’s foremost on people’s minds right now?  The open borders nature of our country.  But it’s not just that the borders are open.  It’s that we’re making no effort to stop it and that those who are arriving are uneducated or ill-educated.

Many do not even speak the language.

They are poor.

They are not qualified for most work.

As such, they will not find any because we already have 94 million Americans not working.  So what’s gonna happen here, is they’re gonna end up in what’s called the American hammock.  That’s what I call it.  It’s called a safety net, but it’s become a hammock.  They’re gonna end up on the public services rolls, and that is paid for by the people who are working.  And the people who are working are beginning to get fed up with this arrangement, because at its very essence it’s not fair.  And you can pooh-pooh it all you want, but people are big believers in fairness.

The Democrats have learned how to make big political hay out of the whole concept of unfairness and the people that are still working and playing by the rules — but fearing they’re going to lose their jobs, fearing that they lose their jobs and they’ll eat up their savings staying alive — do not think about getting in this hammock. They don’t think about joining the welfare state.  They don’t want to get in the hammock or join the welfare state, and they don’t see anybody that seems in any way interested in their plight.

It’s everybody else that the government and both parties seem to have bending over backwards to please, to satisfy, to welcome.  And they’ve about had it.  And it’s not only illegal immigration.  Now it has to be with these refugees that are pouring into the country from parts of the world where mass terrorism is taking place. And once again, the United States government doesn’t seem to care, is not at all concerned with who might be entering the country and what they might end up doing after they’re here.  And so it is a continued dilution of the essence of this country’s greatness.

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