RUSH: Outside The Democrat Party The Clintons Are A Joke


RUSH: I think that all that’s on Hillary’s mind right now is right in the news, it’s right here.  I believe every word of these stories that the Clintons are ticked at the Weiners.  I believe every word of it.  This does not make Hillary look presidential.  The Weiners are a joke.  And as they are compared to the Clintons, the Clintons are mad.  What the Clintons don’t get is that outside the Democrat Party, they are a joke.  Inside the Democrat Party, they are rock stars.  Bill Clinton is it.  But outside the Democrat Party, The Thrill is Gone, so to speak, B.B. King.  And it’s my instincts.  I don’t sense this groundswell throughout the country for Hillary. 

Now, the people that are upset that Hillary got the shaft in the campaign of ’08, yeah, the Democrats, some excitement, yeah, but we’ll see.  Time will tell.  I actually had not attached any meaning at all to this lunch other than Hillary wants a distraction from the Weiner story, ’cause that’s what is not making her look presidential.  She’s looking like a joke, and so’s Bill, as they continue to be compared to Weiner and Huma.

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