RUSH: Opposition To Obama Means ‘The World Has Turned Conservative’

RUSH: Limbaugh and the Republicans are stopping him at every turn.  He blames all of his domestic problems on conservative villains, the Tea Party.  Nothing is his fault.  And if you listen to him and if you listen to it be amplified by the Drive By Media, all of his plans, all of his ideas, his entire agenda is rejected by Congress.  His entire agenda rejected by conservatives, his entire agenda rejected by the Tea Party.  And why?  Because they’re racists.  They don’t like black people and therefore they’re denying Obama his presidency.  This is what he says.  Well, he doesn’t use the racial aspect, but he doesn’t have to.  Speaks for itself. 

Well, I’d kind of like to turn that around because if he wants to maintain that, it seems to me that the world has turned conservative.  The United Nations is saying “no” to Obama in Syria, acting just like the conservatives.  NATO is saying “no” to Obama in Syria, just like the conservatives.  The British are saying “no” to Obama, just like the conservatives.  Germany, nein, just like the conservatives.  Australia and Canada, they have said no to Obama, making them conservative.  The world is the Tea Party.  Everyone is against Obama’s ideas.  Everyone is against Obama’s strategies, except our media, and maybe France.  And he set that up.

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