RUSH: OFA Thanksgiving Talking Points Are All ‘Provable, Abject Lies’

RUSH: Talking point number seven: “When people get covered under Obamacare, they’re gonna start liking the new system because they’ll get the same health care, but cheaper.” Except you don’t get to keep your plan, but you’re gonna get to keep your plan, and your plan’s gonna get cheaper. No. If you keep your plan you get it for one more year but the premium’s up a minimum of 24%.

All of this is lies. Every talking point is a provable, abject lie. And Organizing for Action, Obama’s website, is urging all of its followers to take these talking points and pollute and corrupt Thanksgiving dinner.

Talking point number eight: “The Obamacare Medicaid expansion, which only neo-Confederates oppose, is giving millions of people access to affordable health care.” Medicaid is bankrupt, doctors are leaving it, it’s a crapshoot, it’s an absolute mess.

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