RUSH: Obama’s Trying To Hijack Wounded Veteran Cory Remsburg’s Story

RUSH: I want to read to you a tweet sent out by the senior political editor for NBC News, Mark Murray.  This is an actual tweet from an actual objective, professional journalist at NBC News. 

Here is the tweet: “Obama’s ending on Remsburg wasn’t just a story about America — it also was a story about Obama. Nothing has ever come easy.”  Does that bother you or offend you, that a member of the press sat through that and saw Obama in that story?  Obama doesn’t know the half of what Mr. Remsburg has experienced.  It really is kind of perverted, convoluted, sick, what have you, to try to compare (and insert Obama in) that story — and it made me wonder. 

Maybe that was the purpose of it. 

Maybe Obama’s trying to hijack that poor man’s story, insert himself in it, ’cause here’s this political director/editor for NBC News: It “wasn’t just a story about America.”  I thought it was a story about the soldier, frankly.  What does this story say about America?  Obama ending on Remsburg “wasn’t just a story about America — it was also a story about Obama”?  “Nothing has ever come easy”?  Chew on that.

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