RUSH: Obama Walking Back From ‘Red Line’ Comments May Be ‘Psychopathic’

RUSH: Grab sound bite 20 from today.  Here’s Obama from yesterday.  And, by the way, not just people like Rumsfeld or Cheney, but I’m telling you everybody around the world that takes this stuff seriously, who keeps up with it.  It was last summer, Obama drew the red line. He defined what crossing the red line would mean.  Yesterday:  No, I didn’t.  I didn’t do that.  I didn’t do that at all.

OBAMA:  I didn’t set a red line.  The world set a red line.  The world set a red line when governments representing 98% of the world’s population said —

RUSH:  Okay, that’s enough.  Move on to sound bite 21.  He was asked about it at a Q&A press conference, “What do you mean you didn’t set the red line?  Everybody heard you set the red line.”

OBAMA:  My credibility is not on the line.  The international community’s credibility is on the line, and America and Congress’ credibility is on the line.

RUSH:  But not his.  Stop the tape.  Folks, this is some “pathic.” I don’t know what, psychopathic, it’s some pathic. (imitating Obama)  “I didn’t set that red line. I didn’t draw the red line. My credibility isn’t on the line.” Congress and America, the country, but not him?  He drew the red line, then he said he didn’t, then he said his credibility isn’t on the line.  It’s Congress’ fault ’cause they’re the ones that passed a resolution decades ago against the use of chemical weapons.  So, yeah, it’s the Republicans’ fault.  And you’ve got people watching this, and I’m telling you, they’re questioning the stability of the people running this country and they’re scared to death.

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