RUSH: Obama Talks About How ‘Everybody’s Gonna Guilt Trip Watching The NFL’ In Super Bowl Interview

RUSH:  It’s the president of the United States talking about how everybody’s gonna guilt trip watching the NFL.  We are gonna have to dial this game back.  Now, he didn’t say it in his interview yesterday, but earlier in the week he actually used the phrase, when talking about college players and high school players, he said, “They weren’t equipped to make some of these decisions.”  The NFL players, they’re adults, they have a better understanding. They’re more able to make these decisions about whether to play or not because of the risks, the injury risks.  But these young guys, meaning government’s gonna have to do it. Somebody’s gonna have to make the decision for them.  They’re too incompetent, incapable, which is one of the core beliefs of liberals, is you just don’t know what’s best for you.  And they do.

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