RUSH: Obama Media Is In Full Rejoice Mode Over ObamaCare Sign-Ups

RUSH: Here is a montage from NBC and CNN and ABC and local ABC, Washington Post, you name it. It’s all kinds of reporters. They’re just excited.

The Regime has released a number and the Drive-Bys are running with it.  We don’t know how they got the number, by the way.  They haven’t told us that.  We don’t know how they got to seven million.  They haven’t announced that.  We don’t know if people have paid any money. We don’t know if the seven million have actually paid for insurance or if they’re subsidized. 

We don’t know anything about these seven million.  We don’t know how many were put on Medicare and how many signed up for Obamacare.  We don’t know anything.  All we’re being told is, seven million people have gone to  We don’t know anything.  And yet the Obamacare media is in full-rejoice mode.

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RUSH: It Is An All Out Regime And Media Swarm On ObamaCare

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