Rush: No “If” About This. ‘The Country’s Economy Is Going To Collapse’ If Obama Re-elected

RUSH: We’re spending a trillion dollars we don’t have on welfare. It’s not that we’re taxing producers and redistributing the money. We’re borrowing it; we’re printing it. We don’t have it! Over a trillion dollars a year. There’s been $5.5 trillion added to the national debt in 3-1/2 years by this president. There just isn’t the money for this. At some point (and it’s sooner rather than later) there will be a collapse, and the Republican Party may end up being on the wrong side of it.

There’s gonna be a new Republican Party if that happens, and it’s gonna be led by Tea Party people. Everybody’s gonna try to blame conservatives, and they will have had the least to do with any of the calamity if it happens — and it has to happen, folks. If Obama’s reelected, it will happen. There’s no “if” about this. It’s gonna be ugly, it’s gonna be gut wrenching, but it will happen. The country’s economy is going to collapse if Obama is reelected. I don’t know how long — a year and a half, two years, three years.

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Rush: 18 Months Before A Real U.S. Economic Collapse, If Obama Wins

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