RUSH: Nelson Mandela Was In Prison For Acts Of Terrorism That He Would Not Renounce

CALLER:  Yeah.  That’s why I called.  I’ve listened to your radio station for a lot of years, and I’m like, you know, when I go to South Africa, the first thing I know people are gonna say, “But why is it he went to jail?”

RUSH:  Yeah, okay, so why was it?

CALLER:  So most Americans believe that he went there for his political views.

RUSH:  No, they think he went there because he was black, and because of apartheid.

CALLER:  Yes.  And apartheid.  I grew up in apartheid. I’ve got a lot of black friends living in South Africa, and, you know, people do not really know why he went there.  And I tell everybody it’s because he was incarcerated not for his political views but for the involvement of 23 different acts of sabotage, that he wanted to overthrow the government.

RUSH:  Call it terrorism.  He was in prison for acts of terrorism —

CALLER:  Correct.

RUSH:  — that he would not renounce.

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