RUSH: Millennials Are Turning Against Obama

RUSH: Now, let’s get this Millennial poll, because it’s important here. Two stories. First up here from This is a poll from Harvard University Institute of Politics. Millennials are turning against Obamacare. Now, the other poll coming up, Millennials are turning against Obama, period. “Young voters are turning against President Obama and his signature healthcare law, according to a new poll from Harvard University’s Institute of Politics. Obama’s approval rating has plunged to 41 percent with voters aged 18-29, down from 52 percent the last time Harvard polled the group. While 56 percent in the poll say they backed Obama last year, just 46 percent say they would do so again.”

That’s a drop of 10 points inside of a year.

The Harvard Institute of Politics Director, Trey Grayson, said, “We’re now seeing a sea change among this critical demographic.”  I mean, these are the people who bought hope and change back in 2008.  They bought the utopia.  They bought the end of acrimony. They bought the end of bickering. They bought the end of yelling and partisanship, and they thought it was gonna be peace and love. Obama’s gonna lower the sea levels. He’s gonna lower the temperature.  He’s gonna get rid of all the hatred for the United States and there’s gonna be massive love out there.  And obviously such hasn’t happened.

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