RUSH: Media Not Offended In The Slightest By What Trump Said. They’re Capitalizing On It!

RUSH: All these people on the left and the media running around outrageously offended? They’re not offended in the slightest by what Trump said!  They’re capitalizing on it.  They’re the ones that set up this permissive society! They’re the ones who have shred the boundaries.  They are the ones who have erased… These are the people that take money from people in Hollywood that produce some of the most depraved content we’ve seen!

And they celebrate it and they applaud it and they call it great art.  And it’s far, far more destructive in terms of how it’s portrayed than what Trump’s talking about on some bus in a studio lot at Access Hollywood.  So the hypocrisy on this is tenfold.  They get to act like they’re righteously indignant and like this is the greatest assault on morality and decency, and these people have presided over the destruction of decency!

In song lyrics that they produce, music, in books they write, television shows that they produce, movies!  For these people to act like they’ve never heard these words before and never heard them used this way? It’s opportunism.  It has nothing to do with the issues.  It has nothing to do with the future of this country, and my guess is that a slew of Americans are fed up with all of this kind of rotgut determining electoral outcomes, particularly this year.  And I am hoping there is a huge backlash over this entire tactic.


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