RUSH: Media Has FAILED To Marshal Public Support For Their COUP D’ETAT

RUSH: You can’t turn on CNN without hearing about this Russia-Trump collusion story. And you haven’t been able to turn on CNN and hear anything about that for seven or eight months now, and in seven or eight months nobody has a morsel of evidence that Trump did anything. For seven or eight months, innuendo, unnamed sources, former officials and current officials, high sources, in deep in the intelligence, nothing, zilch, zero, nada. There is nothing but a promise, nothing more than a promise that we’re gonna get Trump ’cause we knew he’s done something, and if we can’t prove it, we’re gonna make it up, we’re gonna get Trump. And there’s nothing.

This is such a slap in the face of the Democrats, these poll results from Harvard, from Mark Penn, a Democrat pollster, 73% say they’re concerned that the investigations and the media coverage is causing everybody to lose focus on other important issues. Two-thirds say it’s hurting the country. The media has failed to marshal public support for their coup d’etat, is the point, folks. You can’t have, unless you want the military involved, you’re not gonna have a coup d’etat if you don’t have a tremendous amount of public support for it.

Now, I know some of you think, “The Democrats don’t care about that. Media wouldn’t care about that. Get rid of Trump, they’ll deal with whatever happens.” No, at some point the public opinion is gonna matter in this. That’s why they’re doing all this. They’re doing this to create public opinion against Trump. They’re trying to marshal opposition to Trump in the polls. They’re trying to create, just like they did with Nixon, just like they did with Katrina, just like they’ve done with the Iraq war, they’re trying to create an anger within the American public over the election of Trump, over the Trump presidency, his honesty, integrity, and they’re failing. They’re failing at their primary mission.


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