RUSH: Media Agitating For Race Riots In Regard To Zimmerman Trial

RUSH:  You know, folks, I’m sitting here, once again, I have been so dumb. I’ve been so gullible and just too trusting.  I really thought that one of the reasons that we elected and then reelected Barack Obama was so that there would not be anymore race riots.  I thought the election of the first black president would end racial strife, and so did millions of Americans who voted for Obama on that basis.  I mean, millions of Americans voted for Barack Obama because they hoped that it meant the end of racism. That if enough people voted for Obama, the conclusion would be there are no racists in America anymore.  We have cleansed our souls and we have been absolved of our sins that stem from slavery.  And, by golly, you know, it just seems to have gotten worse out there.  Isn’t it a shame? 

Now we actually have media people agitating for race riots in regard to the George Zimmerman trial because the prosecution in this trial is imploding.  We have a media that is totally invested in Zimmerman being found guilty and handing and then electrocuted and then drowned and then shot and then cremated for whatever happened to Trayvon Martin who, if Obama had a son, that’s what he would look like.  But I thought that electing Obama and reelecting Obama, none of this was gonna happen anymore.  I’m kind of sad, a little letdown.  Major disappointment.  Such high hopes.  I really thought it was gonna be the end to all this.

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