Rush Limbaugh Predicts “There Will Not Be Any Permanent Damage To Harvey Weinstein”

RUSH: Let me ask you a question: Do you think that HBO will ever make a movie about Harvey Weinstein the way they did about Anita Hill and Clarence Thomas? Remember HBO did a movie on Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill just 18 months ago, two years ago? You know why they did it? They did it because it happened back in 1991; they had to remind Millennial generation what a rotten SOB Clarence Thomas is. They weren’t born or paying attention when that happened. So they did a movie to tell everybody today who wasn’t born yet what a serial abuser Clarence Thomas was and how virtuous Anita Hill was.

Now, do you think that HBO, in 25 years, will do a movie highlighting what a reprobate pig Harvey Weinstein was so that the new generation of Hollywood moguls will remember or know? No way, Jose. What will happen is if they do a movie, it will be to herald Harvey Weinstein and his comeback and how he overcame personal demons and — with therapy and the love of a devoted community from Hollywood — was able to fight back and reclaim his seat in the executive suite at the Weinstein Company. That’s how they’ll do it, and this is why I say there will not be any permanent damage to Harvey Weinstein.

Mark my words. Because there’s always gonna be some payoff to kissing up to the guy.

Somewhere in that demented world, it will be the case.



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