RUSH: If Obama Has To Delay ObamaCare, ‘This Is The Time To Repeal The Entire Thing!’

RUSH: Do you know what the Republicans ought to be doing right now, in my humble opinion? I realize I’m not a trained professional political strategerist, nor am I a trained political consultant like the ones in the last election were.

But here’s what I think I would be doing.  This is what I would be advising the party.  If Obama is admitting, by virtue of delaying implementation of the employer mandate, that doing so is harmful, can we just repeal the whole thing?  Just go for the whole enchilada! Go for the whole banana, whatever! Go for the whole thing.  The president of the United States, the Democrat Party is admitting that this thing is harmful. 

They’re admitting they didn’t tell the truth about it. They’re admitting that other things they’ve said about this law are not true.  If they are having to delay implementation of one of the key ingredients that was gonna be keep premiums down — if they’re having to delay that because it would harm them politically — then what about the rest of this?  This is the time to make the case to repeal the entire thing!

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Rush Was Right: Obama Delays Obamacare Employer Mandate

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