RUSH: “I Woulda Done It!” Obama Is Acting Like ‘BART SIMPSON’

RUSH: Get this headline.

“CNN’s Fareed Zakaria: Were Obama Still President, He Would Have Ordered ‘Similar If Not Identical’ Strike In Syria.”

Really? So I read further here. “CNN’s Fareed Zakaria discusses his experience with ‘Trump derangement syndrome,’ where people’s hatred and anger towards the president is so intense –” Oh, that is right, Fareed Zakaria’s come out against people who won’t get over Trump, won’t get past Trump. You know why? Because Fareed Zakaria agrees with the strike on Syria. He thinks it should have happened and he thinks people opposing it just because they oppose Trump is dangerous.

And then in making his case, he went on to say that he’s talked to some Obama people, and Obama’s people told Fareed Zakaria that if he were still president, Obama would have ordered almost the identical thing. Really? Really, after a bunch of red lines that Syria crossed numerous times, Obama’s out, “Hey, I woulda done it. I woulda done it. I woulda done it if I were still there. No big deal that Trump did. I woulda done it.” It’s like Bart Simpson.


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