RUSH: I Am One Of The Few Who Actually Lives In A ‘Colorblind Society’

RUSH: Yeah, I think that’s true, exactly right. Plus, let’s not forget, they do see the world this way. For all this talk about a colorblind society, I think I am one of the few who actually live that. I mean, Geraldo Rivera, all the owners in the NBA are Jewish, who thinks like this? I don’t. But one thing I’ve noted to liberals, you are what you look like. Part and parcel, the first thing they see about somebody is their skin color. Then they want to know the sexual orientation. Then they want to know the gender. And once they have the answers to all of those curiosities, then they group those people into whatever victim group here or victim group there. And then they begin showering them with two things: Sympathy and low expectations.

You’ve heard of the phrase, the soft bigotry of low expectations? That’s exactly what liberalism owns. They look at people based on their skin color, their gender, their sexual orientation. They see people who are incompetent, incapable of overcoming the odds because they’re such victims. The rest of the country is so mean and so prejudiced and so racist and so bigoted, all they do is feel sorry for or think these people are incompetent, incapable, therefore liberals are needed to guide them through the rough patches and so forth. It really is a demeaning worldview. It’s a demeaning way to look at people. And yet they, at the same time, are out demanding that we have a colorblind society. The last thing in the world they’ll ever permit is a colorblind society.

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