Rush: “Gotta Bring People Together,” My A$$! We Have Got To Defeat Liberals.

Rush: I’d tell ’em what my problems with him were and it was like talking to a brick wall. They didn’t get it. These are the people who fall for this notion, “We gotta compromise, gotta bring everyone together!” Hell, at this golf tournament I was talking to a guy. He said, “The biggest problem we have, Rush, is we gotta make everybody Americans again. We gotta bring people together.” I said, “Aw, crap,” except I didn’t say “crap;” I said something else.

And I got up, and I went back to the lavatory, and I practically threw up.

“Gotta bring people together,” my ass!

We have got to defeat liberals, so that guys like Mr. Gogel don’t make the mistake of voting for ’em and learning through actual experience about his company being brought to its knees that he shouldn’t have.
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