RUSH: Every Problem That Exists In New York Derives From Liberalism

RUSH:   I owe you a couple of sound bites.  I promised them from the de Blasio swearing in.  We played Clinton.  Here’s Harry Belafonte, just to give you a flavor for this stuff.  This is Belafonte at the swearing in of the new mayor of New York yesterday.

BELAFONTE:  “Changing the stop-and-frisk law is — as important as it is, the change of a law is only the tip of the iceberg in fixing our deeply Dickensian justice system.

RUSH: “Dickensian justice system.”  So these people are standing up and they are reciting a litany of things wrong in New York City, and, aside from Mayor Giuliani, this place has been run by leftists forever.  Every problem that exists in New York derives from liberalism.  Every one.  Now, I want to repeat something here.  What these people are all talking about — well, Belafonte is talking about the prison system, and the racist way that justice is handled in New York and the prison population.

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