RUSH: Edward Snowden ‘Profoundly Articulate,’ ‘Extremely Thoughtful’

RUSH: The hits just keep on coming. The revelations just keep on coming. Ladies and gentlemen, and we’ll talk about Edward Snowden as the program unfolds, of course. He’s largely irrelevant. He personally is largely irrelevant here. And one of the points I want to try to focus on is what he represents and what he’s actually describing here. You know, he actually is very articulate. I was stunned when I found out this guy’s 29 years old. He doesn’t have any formal education. He has a high school equivalency, 200 grand at Booz Allen consultancy for the CIA, the NSA, 200 grand. People who work at the NSA don’t make that. But consultants outside can.

But this guy really is articulate. For 29, this guy is mature. This guy is wise. This guy has a level of maturity and, well, I don’t want to say wisdom, but he knows the ways of the world. He knows what he’s up against. When I was 29 I wasn’t capable of speaking this way, I don’t think. Certainly not operating this way. And I’m not trying to build him up or tear him down into anything here. You know, these tech guys, some of them are just on a really narrow focus. They’re brilliant when it comes to their area of expertise and their area of interest. I think this guy’s profoundly articulate, and he’s extremely thoughtful. You know, he didn’t reveal any actual findings. All he did, if there are any, what he did was reveal the process.

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