RUSH: Dems Are Gonna Try To Do Anything They Can To Get Rid Of Christie

RUSH: It’s so typical, so, so typical.  No Republican establishment media types.  In fact, one of the funniest things I saw last night — I’m not gonna mention any names because I don’t want to embarrass anybody. But there was a young Millennial type conservative commentator who was trying to make a point. He said, “If he’s directly involved, he needs to quit, he needs to resign!  If it’s been shown that he was directly involved and he closed those lanes, then he needs to quit.”  And then the same commentator said, “That could be the perfect setup for Christie’s presidential aspirations, ’cause after he quits, he’ll gain respect. He’ll gain new respect. He had to quit. He’s not gonna put up with this, and then when he decides to make an official run for president, he’ll have newfound respect and newfound power, and it could totally –”

I’m reading this and I’m stunned.  So the point is, no help.  Christie’s out there dangling. He’s still speaking, folks. It’s coming up on two hours and he’s still doing this presser.  So no RINOs and no Democrats.  The Democrats — I wonder if Christie knows this — the Democrats want him gone.  The Democrats are gonna try — a federal investigation — the Democrats are gonna try to do anything they can to get rid of him, while he’s out there talking about how he can work with ’em and get things done.

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