RUSH: ‘Civil Rights Guys’ Tell Me Privately ‘Obama’s Not Down For the Struggle’

RUSH: They’re not these never doubtful, always confident types, at least these guys that I know and speak with. These guys have privately told me that they worry about all these divisions in country because they don’t think anything good can come from all the chaos, just day-to-day life. Here’s more evidence of it. This is a story from Black Lawmakers Lament Flaring of Racial Tensions Under Obama.” You know this Martin Luther King anniversary speech that Obama’s gonna do on Wednesday?

I’ll tell you another truth: The civil rights guys are not that excited about this, because Obama’s not down for the struggle. He’s really not. He doesn’t come from the civil rights struggle. He doesn’t come from any of that. He has to fake that, and these guys… You’ll not see any evidence of this, obviously, but they’re a little bit uncomfortable about it. I mean, the number one, most powerful black man in America is not down to the struggle.

Some of them tell me this privately. I say, “You’ve got nothing to worry about in that sense, because you’re getting pretty much everything you wanted.” And they say, “Yeah, well, look at black unemployment!” They’re not happy about that. I said, “Well, you don’t have to look at Obama for that. Just look at your own policies. I mean, you sign on to everything the guy wants to do. You guys are sitting around doing all this damage to the private sector economy.

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