RUSH: Border WALL Should Be A Tourist Attraction With HOT TUBS And SUITES

RUSH: The wall. I heard… You know, we heard yesterday that the Trump budget, there’s not gonna be any money appropriated for the wall. They’re just gonna stiff Trump. There’s not gonna be any wall. Omnibus budget, regular budget, will get gonna be any.

Well, I’m here to tell you, the wall’s gonna get built. They’re already taking bids. Companies are already submitting designs, and if you look at maybe a public-private partnership on the wall? Okay, so you build a wall and you put observation decks up there or you put hot tubs or suites or maybe overnight accommodations. You make the wall a tourist attraction, where people can come stay overnight and watch the Border Patrol keep ’em out (laughing) or whatever happens there. Can you just see the Marriott Border Wall Suites Hotel?

Or, better yet: The Ritz-Carlton Border Protection Wall Five-Star Hotel with a series of suites all along the top of the wall, whatever. I don’t know. Just an example here. But public-private partnership on infrastructure repair? There’s no question we need it. And I can see infrastructure being coupled with tax cuts to generate economic growth and have some of the growth result from the modernization of airports and roads. I know this is how he’s thinking. Actually, he’s not said that to me, but I just know that’s how he’s thinking and getting “private” as in corporate participation.

Hell, folks, you know that there are rich guys that will build entire wings to a hospital if you let ’em put their name on it. You know, the Anastas Mikoyan Cancer Research Center at Sloan Kettering Satellite Cancer Service in LaGuardia. Whatever. People will pay as long as they can get their name on it for posterity like Alice Tully Hall at Lincoln Center. Who’s Alice Tully? I don’t know. But now everybody knows the name. They made a concert hall there; they put her name on it somehow.

There are any number of ways you can get money from the private sector to participate in some of these projects where there may not be enough federal money for it, and these are the kinds of things that establishmentarians would never dream of doing. Particularly people like Obama who’ve never worked in the private sector and therefore have, you know, very much resentment/distrust of it in the first place.


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