RUSH: After Putin Redraws The Map, Obama Says, ‘You Can’t Do That!’

RUSH: Well, okay. So here’s Putin. He goes out, he redraws the boundaries, and he adds a nation back into the Soviet Union. By the way, Mrs. Clinton a couple days ago said we hope that this doesn’t happen again, meaning Estonia. And Estonia? Putin has said he’s got designs on Estonia next. Anyway, I’m getting ahead of myself. So Putin goes out, takes Ukraine, takes Crimea, and redraws the map.

Obama goes out today and says: You can’t do that! This is the Twenty-First Century. You can’t go out and redraw maps. You can’t go out and violate somebody’s sovereignty. And furthermore — furthermore — we’re not gonna do anything to stop you. We’re not gonna be getting into military excursion in Ukraine. Might doesn’t make right.” What do you think Putin’s thinking about all this? Here’s the next Obama bite.

OBAMA: You know, the truth is Mr. Putin acted out of weakness, not all of strength.


OBAMA:  His strategic decisions, uh, are in no way based on, uh, whether he thought that, uh, we might go to war, uh, over this.  Uh, I think there’s a clear understanding that, uh, when it comes to our core interests for our NATO allies, we can protect ourselves.

RUSH:  Man, that is comforting.  So even if Putin nukes up, arms up, we can protect ourselves.  If he comes after us in NATO, we can protect ourselves.  We’re not gonna do diddly-squat.  So after Putin redraws the map, Obama says, “You can’t do that” and then says, “Might doesn’t make right. We’re not gonna do anything militarily. We’re not gonna. You can’t do that — and if you do do that, we can defend ourselves. You know, so screw you! What do you think Putin is thinking of all of this?

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