MONTAGE: RUSH: Media Celebrate Obama’s ‘Victory Lap’ Condemned Bush For ‘Hubris’

RUSH: Let’s start on the audio sound bites, and we’ll mix your calls in with all this stuff as well, so those of you on hold are not gonna be languishing forever out there.

This is a montage from yesterday, last night, and this morning of the Drive-Bys orgasmically reveling in Obama’s “victory lap.”


RUSH: January 2005.  Here is a Drive-By Media montage of condemnation of George W. Bush, for displaying “hubris” at the beginning of his second term for daring to claim a mandate.  If you recall (you may not recall, so I will tell you), after Bush’s reelection in 2004, he first met the press in 2004-2005. This is from January 2005, and he said he was gonna “start spending his political capital,” is how he said it.

Meaning: He had a mandate.

He won by a large margin; he had a mandate. He ran on a campaign of specific things, and he was gonna start doing them.  And the Drive-Bys were not happy and decided to condemn Bush.  Now, when you win an election, the aftermath is a victory lap.  But this is not what they called that.  Oh, no, no, no! This was Bush being braggadocios and filled with “hubris,” and it was very, very bad.

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