LIMBAUGH: There Is No Number One Republican Name That Dominates Politics Right Now

RUSH: Now, midterm turnouts are not the same as presidential turnouts, presidential election year turnouts.  You know why?  I’ll tell you why.  In presidential years, you had a big urban turnout. In the big cities that are owned and run and operated by the Democrats you get a big turnout, ’cause Santa Claus is on the ballot.  But in off years, in the midterms, that turnout doesn’t happen.  There are many other reasons, too, but that’s the primary reason, the primary difference in the presidential year turnout and the off-year turnout.  So 2014 is setting up to be just like 2010, and that is, there’s no single Republican idea out there, despite all these Republicans going up to CPAC, “It’s time for us to stop saying only what we’re against.  We have got to say what we’re for.”  Yeah, well, that’s fine and dandy, but if you’re gonna be for the same things that Democrats are, just not as stridently, you’re not gonna make any difference. 

There is no number one Republican name that dominates politics right now.  So there’s not a Republican who could go on television and start talking about what he’s for that’s gonna have any impact on the midterms.  This is strictly, again, going to be people I think showing up in droves this time, opposed to Obamacare.  See, in 2010 we just had the theory, we had the predictions, we had knowledgeable people, the Tea Party, knowledgeable people who knew and know what all this debt means for them and the country.  We had intelligent people, the Tea Party, smart people.  Obamacare in 2010, they knew what it was gonna mean.

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