LIMBAUGH: The Obamas Are ‘Tightwads’

RUSH:  Etiquette experts are confused, ladies and gentlemen.  Right here it is in the Washington Post.  “Guests attending…” I mentioned this yesterday.  There’s a big gala birthday party, a 50th birthday party for Moochelle Obama tomorrow night in the White House, and guests have been told “to eat before you come.”  The etiquette experts contacted by the Washington Post think that this is cheap, it’s rude, and…

Well, they don’t think it’s rude, but it’s really curious.  “‘I don’t think it’s rude, but I do think it’s a little … different than what people are used to. How’s that for putting it delicately?’ joked Lizzie Post, great-great-granddaughter of Emily Post and co-author of Great Get-Togethers: Casual Gatherings and Elegant Parties at Home.” They’re being nice.  This is rude.

It’s a big gala, 50th birthday party. This is not like somebody’s 32nd birthday. It’s her 50th birthday at the White House.  “Eat before you come!” I’ll tell you why.  It’s because the Obamas are tightwads.  They are.  They can’t use taxpayer money.  They can’t use taxpayer money for this.  That’s why they’re doing this.  During the break, CNN… These media people are such — I don’t know — suck-ups.

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