LIMBAUGH: Purpose Of The Hashtag Is Aimed At Destabilizing The Nigerian Government

RUSH: The message is, “Look, we don’t hate you!” Look what they did after 9/11.  What’d the State Department do?  This was the Bush State Department!  They had a forum on why do the terrorists hate us.  What did we do to make them do this? So there’s this belief that we are causing this. There’s also a belief that Boko Haram exists because a government is unfriendly to them and is trying to oppress them, rather than be nice to them and accept them. 

It’s the government of Nigeria’s fault here, and if we could just get rid of that government, get a government in there that appeases, then they’ll stop kidnapping girls.  That’s this guy’s opinion.  He says, “This isn’t just their strategy for Nigeria. It’s their universal approach to Islamic terrorism. It’s why [John] Kerry,” who, by the way, served in Vietnam, “blamed Israel for the collapse of the peace talks with the PLO.

“It’s why Egypt is being pressured to free its Muslim Brotherhood detainees. And It’s why the United States is never allowed to defeat Al Qaeda.” I’m reading quotes from this piece at FrontPage Magazine.  “Obama is trying to bring down governments that fight Islamic terrorism, whether in Egypt, Israel or Nigeria, and replace them with governments that appease terrorists.

“This shared goal creates an alliance, direct or indirect, open or covert, between Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood, Obama and the PLO and Obama and Boko Haram.” Now, let’s stop for a second.  Obama and the PLO versus Israel.  Who is Obama and Kerry sympathetic to? The PLO.

The Muslim Brotherhood is in power in Egypt (or was) because of Obama.  Now the theory is that Boko Haram, they’re not the bad guys.  The Nigerian government is, and the purpose of the hashtag is aimed at destabilizing the Nigerian government because they’re not properly appeasement oriented toward Boko Haram or all of militant Islam.

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