Limbaugh On Ad Blockers: Advertising Is Not Gonna Look Like Advertising

RUSH: Folks, look, on an iPhone, particularly a smartphone, when you have a website that takes 45 seconds to load everything, I mean, things you don’t even see being loaded, the trackers you don’t see.  You see the video player being loaded, you see the ads being loaded, but there’s much, much more. All the trackers and the analytics from Google that are being loaded on these websites, you never see it, but it’s why your bar never finishes for 45.  You can read what’s on the website maybe within 20 seconds, but your battery is churning for that full minute while all this stuff is loaded.  And sometimes the content doesn’t load fully until all these things do.

And then you’re shown how you can have every website you visit load in 10 seconds?  What are you gonna do?  So the genie is out of the bottle.  One of the problems is that tech bloggers are not fully into capitalism, even though they practice it.  They’re obligated to condemn it, speak out against it.  And the way that manifests itself is they are now ripping Apple, because Apple created the possibility of the content blockers in iOS 9 and at the same time Apple has set up its own news app, and they’re making deals with news providers.  They can put everything on their website, their news stories and Apple’s news app and sell all the adds they want, Apple gets a take, and there are no blockers.  (interruption)  Yeah, well, you could white list the sites you like, but that’s not gonna solve the problem.

White listing is not gonna solve the problem.  The genie’s out of the bottle.  So what’s gonna happen, this guy is exactly right, the consumer is gonna determine what happens here, and the advertisers, Madison Avenue is not just gonna sit there and say, “Oops, we have been snookered.”  What’s gonna happen is there are gonna be all kinds of creativity.  We’ve already led the way here in radio years ago on this.  We are truly the trailblazers.  What’s gonna happen next online is advertising is not gonna look like advertising.  And it’s not gonna have pictures.  It’s gonna present to you as a news story.

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