RUSH: Well, the tech nerds at South by Southwest in the blogs were shocked.  They can’t believe it.  They said clearly Obama doesn’t know. If Obama knew, he wouldn’t stand for this.  And they don’t understand, it is Obama!  I’m reading this in incredulity.

So then Obama shows up and basically admits this is what he’s gonna do, that he sides with the FBI when he threatened to seize Apple’s crown jewels (which is the source code for the operating system, for iOS).  So then Obama shows up at South by Southwest and basically makes the case for doing it.  He says, “We can’t all be rigid here! We have to compromise, all be flexible.” You know, all the language that feeling, unthinking leftists think is wonderful. “Yes, we have to get along, have to compromise, have to realize we can’t have it all, can’t always get our way!

“Well, yes, it’s so wonderful. Yes, everybody ought to understand this,” and then he makes his move. “But if Apple’s not gonna cooperate…” He went out and he praised Samsung and a bunch of other tech companies, but he left Apple out.  It’s clear to me that this Regime has it in for Apple.  I don’t know why.  It could well be lack of donations.  But everybody thinks of Apple and this administration as in bed with Apple. At least ideologically, they’re in bed.  But this was serious stuff.  But the point is, here are all of these nerds who love Edward Snowden, for example.

“Edward Snowden’s not a traitor.  He’s a hero.”  They safeguard their… They don’t like the NSA scooping up anything. Metadata, nothing. They don’t want the government being able to get into their phones for any reason whatsoever.  I mean, there’s some laggards who think that the company, Apple, ought to open up that one phone to get the terrorist. However, in general they are suspicious of it, but they don’t associate it with Obama.  It’s the most amazing thing.  You ought to… When Obama goes in and admits that he’s on the FBI’s side, they say, “It’s so sad that Obama’s wrong about this.

“Maybe he doesn’t understand!  If Obama really knew what the FBI’s doing…” I’m reading this.  It’s things like this that make me realize how impossible it is to dissuade, say, Obama supporters from supporting him, or to open their eyes.  The idea they can’t get it through their heads that Obama is the ultimate intruder into privacy? Obama is the guy who’s in charge of the kill list with American drones.  They hate drones. They hate drones targeting innocent people in the War on Terror, and you tell ’em that Obama’s in charge of the kill list?

“Obama’s essentially flying every one of those drones over there.”

“No, no! Obama can’t. He must not know about this.”

It’s incredible.  They’re so invested that they can’t and won’t see Obama’s who he is.  They can’t believe the Democrat Party’s a bunch of statists.  They can’t believe the Democrat Party’s actually behind what they oppose.  They still think it’s the Republicans that want to spy on ’em, to find homosexuals and to find transgenders and to find people having abortions.  They think it’s the Republicans who want to do all this to uncover all of these things they’re doing so as to embarrass them.  They have no idea it’s the Democrat Party that’s trying to get into their phones through the rear end.

Well, where is the back door?  I’m just saying.

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