Limbaugh: Obama In Mexico Selling Amnesty

RUSH: So Obama is in Mexico selling amnesty.

He has gone to Mexico to make a speech on immigration reform, which in his world is amnesty. Ostensibly his goal is to go down there and tell them, “You guys gotta your economy up here so that my people in America are not as threatened by immigration. You gotta make it look like people will not want to leave your country. (whispering) When in fact I want as many of your countrymen as I can! I’m gonna need ’em as voters, my party will.”

AP: “Though the role played by Latino voters in last year’s US presidential election gets much credit for the current momentum for changing immigration laws and providing a path to citizenship for 11 million immigrants in the US illegally, another reason for the change in attitudes is that stronger border protections and the recession have been disincentives to cross into the US. As a result, illegal immigration has declined,” and we can’t have that! Obama has gone to Mexico to ratchet up immigration, essentially.

Why else go?

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