LIMBAUGH: “Mueller Has Already Starting ‘FLIPPING’ People”

RUSH: I’m hearing, folks, between you and me… Don’t repeat this to anybody. Don’t tell anybody at the media. But I’m hearing the scuttlebutt that Mueller’s already started “flipping” people.

When I was told that I said, “Flipping who? Over what?” I mean, as I say, when you start talking about the swamp, everybody there has something they’ve done that they wish nobody knew about, which means practically anybody there is flippable. By that, “snitch,” for those of you. Apparently, Mueller’s found a couple snitches. But I asked, “Snitches on what?” There’s no crime. We don’t know when the crime is, we know what alleged crime is but there’s no evidence of a crime. So what the hell is the guy investigating?

The appearance is he’s looking for a crime. That’s not what special counsels do. That’s not why they’re appointed. This whole thing is a complete bastardization of the entire process. In addition to that, there are no parameters. Rosenstein, not Sessions… It’s Rosenstein that Trump ought to be mad at. It’s Rosenstein that ought to be the subject of this abuse if Trump’s really upset about Mueller and his investigation.

Because it’s Rosenstein that did not put any limits on Mueller as far as where he can look and what he can look for. Under normal circumstances, there would be a crime.



LIMBAUGH: There’s No Stopping Mueller; “It’s Out Of Control And It Needs To Be Brought Under Control”

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