LIMBAUGH: ‘McCarthyism’ Has Become The Quest For Truth Of Democrat Corruption

RUSH: This McCarthyism business, remember, it’s in movies all the time.  You remember the movie The Way We Were? (interruption) Well, who was in it, then?  Okay, Barbra Streisand and Robert Redford. It was all about McCarthyism.  The media loves it.  It’s like Alger Hiss. 

The low-information voters know what McCarthyism is and they know who Alger Hiss is.  (interruption) Yes, they do.  Whenever a Democrat is under the microscope, it’s always McCarthyism.  (interruption)  Well, okay, people that are calling 911 when McDonald’s doesn’t have McNuggets mind it know who Hiss is, but they think they know what McCarthyism is. Let’s review here. 

The IRS has been asking American citizens who are trying to get a tax exemption, “Are you now or have you ever been a supporter of the Tea Party?” and that’s not McCarthyism.  No.  The congressman investigating that abuse, they are accused of McCarthyism.  So McCarthyism has become the quest for truth of Democrat corruption.  That’s the new definition of McCarthyism.

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