LIMBAUGH: Is Ginning Up ‘HATRED For Trump’ Enough For Democrats To Win Control Of The House?

RUSH: Okay, here’s Trump and the Republicans with a very sweeping, comprehensive tax cut proposal. What’s the Democrats’ response to it? What is their version? They don’t have one, folks.

There’s not a single one of them that wants to even get on board conceptually with tax cuts, and there isn’t a single one of them that wants to put forth opposition to it. Their entire agenda is hatred of Trump and attempting to gin up as much of it as they can.

So I ask you, is that enough? Is that enough for them to win the House? Let’s just keep it at that. Is ginning up hatred for Trump across the country, can they do that? Can they gin up enough hatred to propel the Democrats back in control of the House? And nothing else. No other agenda items, no other promises, no other, here’s what we stand for, here’s what we’re gonna do, nothing positive. They don’t dare go positive because things are supposed to be so bad that they can’t do anything but talk about how bad it is.

Their websites cannot have one positive click, not one positive headline. Every website on the left and every click, every headline must be doom-and-gloom. Can they win? I’m asking you. Is that enough? Is hatred for Trump enough? Keep in mind, as you think about this, 91% of all Trump coverage in the media that most Americans access is negative, and all of these negative, anti-, bad Obama and Democrat stories are not being reported, they’re not being referenced.

The traditional low-information voter doesn’t even know of the chicanery on the Mueller committee and the investigation team. They don’t even know how Obama willingly let Hezbollah continue to track cocaine into the country so as not to anger the Iranians. They don’t know this. That hasn’t been reported, nor has the text messages between Strzok and his mistress and what’s been going on on the Mueller team to sabotage on Trump. It’s not being reported. I mean, they got 47% of the American people in a poll claiming to oppose and hate the Trump tax cut bill. Think about it.


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