Limbaugh Interviews Paul Ryan: “It Now Makes Sense To Be An American Company”

RUSH: We should be because the left says corporations kill their customers and don’t want to help anybody and they don’t give anybody raises or health insurance or any of that. Corporations ought to be made to suffer. That’s what the left has got people believing.

SPEAKER RYAN: That is what they’ve got people believing. Guess what they’re doing? They’re pushing them out of this country. The companies have been inverting, becoming foreign companies, they’ve been bought by foreign companies. They’re moving jobs overseas. I talked to the guy who runs Intel, huge corporation, microprocessors, 50,000 employees in America. Under this current code that occurs before New Year’s Day, they would have saved $2 billion in taxes over a 10-year period per factory if they just moved ’em overseas.

That’s what the tax code was doing to American businesses. It was discouraging growing things in America, it was discouraging investing in America. We completely reversed that with this bill. It now pays to stay in America. It now makes sense to make things in America. And if you’re fortunate enough to be big enough to sell something overseas, now you can bring your money back home and reinvest it in this economy.

And we have $3 trillion of cash that is trapped overseas that could not come back in this economy because of these goofy tax laws. We fixed all of that. And so now it makes sense to be an American company, it makes sense to make things in America. And if you sell something overseas, bring the money back, you can do it without a penalty. That’s gonna be good for growth. That’s good for America.


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