LIMBAUGH: Every Single Democrat Voted ‘NO’ On Cutting Taxes

RUSH: So looking ahead to 2018, every single Democrat in Congress, all 238 of them voted “no” on this. And what precisely did they vote “no” on? They voted “no” on cutting taxes. They voted “no” on allowing the American people to keep more of what they earn. They voted “no” on reforming the tax code in ways it hasn’t been in 30 years. They voted “no” on a piece of legislation that cuts taxes for 80% of Americans.

They voted no, all 238 of them voted “no” on a bill that will make U.S. corporate behavior much more competitive globally because of the reduction in the corporate income tax rate from 35 to 21%. They voted “no” on making American corporations more competitive in the world. They voted “no” on a piece of legislation that will contribute and will see gross domestic product grow at 4% per year.

Chuck Schumer says the tax bill will be an anchor around Republican ankles. You know, Chuck Schumer, I don’t know how much money he’s got. But he’s got a lot more than you would think somebody earning $175,000 a year. He’s got lot of money. He has a law degree, but he’s never practiced law. He has only made bad laws. Is this bill so horrible, is this bill so bad the Democrats throw everything they have at it to mischaracterize it? Why are they doing this? Because the exact opposite of what they are predicting is going to happen.

All the doom and gloom they’re predicting is not gonna happen. All of the growth and all of the personal income gains, all of the economic growth and employment is going to continue, and it’s going to speed up. What so frightens them about this? And here’s the thing. If this bill is so bad, if this tax cut is such a disaster for the Republicans, why did they do everything they could to stop it? If this tax cut is going to ruin the Republican Party, why didn’t they just shut up, stand aside, not provide any opposition and let it happen?

If this tax cut is going to doom the Republican Party and Donald Trump to lose elections for the next generation, why did they throw everything they had at it?


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