LIMBAUGH: “Every New York Times Article Cites NO EVIDENCE”

RUSH: New York Times. Maggie Haberman of the Democrat National Committee and Matthew Rosenberg: “Trump, Citing No Evidence, Suggests Susan Rice Committed Crime.” That’s another way it’s done: “Trump, Citing No Evidence…” CNN runs graphics like that all the time. “Trump, despite no evidence claims such-and-such had Cheerios for breakfast,” or whatever it is.

They always throw in “despite having no evidence.” Well, excuse me, but isn’t it the New York Times that has had no evidence for every allegation they’ve been making about Trump and Russia? Excuse me, but isn’t that the case, is that every single story that they have run on this featuring leaks from deep in the intelligence community? Has not every story said, “But so far there is no clear evidence suggesting a link”? All we have is the leaking and all we have is the supposition and the speculation. No evidence.

So couldn’t you say — and be accurate in doing so — that every New York Times article cites no evidence when they report what they report? So Trump has thrown another grenade, and I just want to remind you: When Trump throws these grenades, as frustrated as people get — even Trump supporters. As time passes, Trump ends up being much more right than he is wrong, such as when he lobbed that mortar into the Democrats about Obama tapping his wires at Trump Tower.

Remember, they had a fit over that, and as time passed… Now, everybody’s acknowledging that the Obama administration was indeed spying, that there was “incidental capture” of Americans, and those Americans were unmasked. Everybody’s admitting this now. The only question is who did it. Susan Rice is denying it for political purposes. She’s admitting it happened but, no, not for political purpose, which is a big laugh. So Trump was right. Now he’s out there saying Susan Rice may have committed a crime.

This is kind of a push-back Democrats are not accustomed to, nor is the media.


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