Limbaugh: Despicable Harry Reid Continues To Smear Mitt Romney

RUSH: Does he have no shame? We’re talking about a despicable human being here. Does Harry Reid have any shame? I think he drew the short straw on this. They probably assigned this to somebody, and Harry got the short straw. They sat around, “Somebody’s gonna take this public. Romney hasn’t paid his taxes. Harry, it’s your turn.” “Aw, I don’t — I don’t –” “Harry, it’s your turn, you gotta do it. Take one for the team.” And it’s entirely possible that Harry didn’t have to have this assigned, that he was just willing to do it on his own. It’s very typical. But that’s what this is about.

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Limbaugh: Did Harry Reid Commit A Felony By Passing Out Leaked Romney Tax Returns?


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