Levin Hammers Sharpton: ‘SCREW HIM!’ This Man Is A ‘Malcontent!’ And A ‘Menace!’

Listen to Mark Levin as he hammers Rev. Al Sharpton, saying, “Screw him! That’s what I say. What do you think of that? Mark, how could you? How could I what? I remember the Tawana Brawley case. I remember what happened to that Jewish kid. I remember what happened to that store that burnt down. I remember what he pulled with the Duke Lacrosse team. what a record this guy has. Don’t you think? There he is all over the place. The man shouldn’t be telling the Attorney General what to do.  The Attorney General should be chasing him. I’ve got more audio of him and I’m not playing it. What do you think of that. Just unbelievable! Of course he says ‘clearly there are grounds for civil rights charges here.’ Clearly there are not. This man is a malcontent! This man is a menace!”


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